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LOAD214 – Day 27


A challenge to do a page focussing on only one of the “5W&H”:
Who  What  Where  When  Why  How

Yesterday ended up being a “what” page (yet again I covered the prompt a day early!)
I struggled slightly to think of a topic today but then decided to go simple with a where: Assisi in Italy


LOAD214 – Day 26

Today’s prompt was to use supplies from several different manufacturers (not from one collection etc). I really didn’t have a problem with this as I have no interest in brands, I just use whatever I have to hand that works! A real challenge for me would have been to actually use papers/embellishments etc from a collection but I don’t have any sets so I couldn’t find anything suitable in my stash. Instead I went for uber-simple and just did 2 photos on 2 pieces of cardstock today! (I think they are different brands, the background piece is much heavier & a different texture to the small piece of tan behind the pictures!)


The photos are from a trip to York Minster a few years ago and the journalling reads:

Above the door at the west end of the nave, something caught my eye – twelve headless statues holding gold discs. To the initiated, it is obvious that they are signalling a message in semaphore! Our tour guide pointed the statues out moments after I’d seen them & by the time he had told us about them, I’d read the message and finished his sentence which completely stunned him – I guess he’s not used to having people fluent in semaphore!

The tour guide explained that the Semaphore Saints were originally made for a large art exhibition held in the Minster in 2004 and that the artist, Terry Hammill, later donated them to the Minster. The statues are headless for a reason. During the sixteenth century Protestant reformers accused Catholics of praying to statues instead of God. In a bid to stop this practice, they attacked statues, either getting rid of them completely or making them unrecognisable by removing the heads, haloes and the objects that identified them (e.g. St Peter’s key or Matthew’s purse). There are many instances of this kind of damage in the Minster. The semaphore saints were made headless to make the point that we do not need to know who they are/were, their message is still important and even without mouths to speak they can still communicate. However, the message is unintelligible unless you know how to decode the symbols – the same is true of the rest of the building and the symbols within it. The Semaphore Saints, although anonymous, use their haloes to spell out the message which is central to the purpose of the building.

(For those who can’t read Semaphore, the message is “Christ is here”)


LOAD214 – Day 25

Today’s LOAD challenge involved the roll of a dice to determine how to create the Layout!

My random selection came out as follows:
PHOTO: Yeah! I pretty much always start with the pictures, this will be easy …
Hmm, 20 minutes later I’m still sitting here. It’s no good, today I seem to be lacking any inspiration at all! I’m very tired & every single photo I have looked at I just wasn’t inspired me to want to craft but I am determined to complete this LOAD so keep looking …. ….eventually I settled on this set of gorgeous butterfly pictures and make a digi page with them

??????PHOTO: hmm, wasn’t expecting a second roll of photo … I decided to add a second photo to the page (ended up with 3!) but rolled again anyway!
TITLE: well that was easy – it had to be “Blue butterfly!” because that’s what the photos are of!
STORY: Whoo-Hoo, that’s a nice easy set of prompts – could have been much worse! There isn’t a big story for these pictures but I wrote what I could :)

There we are: Photo, Title, Story!






LOAD214 – Day 24

Today we were to “scraplift” ourselves!LOAD24-blurred

I don’t really do “scraplifting” at all but I used inspiration from my day21 page to create another 8×8 double spread for the family weddings album.
I switched the pages over & as I had more photos for this one I created a flap on the left page to hold the journalling instead of putting it on the page.

I also managed to incorporate the weekly challenge (Feb Wk4) on UKScrappers – All elements included:
Multiple photos, Interactive element (flap on left side holding journalling), ribbon

(photo blurred to maintain privacy)


LOAD214 – Day 23

Today’s challenge was to not scrap the past! The examples given were all about letters to children or hopes for their future which left me completely stumped! I am not a big dreamer in terms of future aspirations … but then I thought about a new role I am about to take on within Guiding & did a LO about my thoughts about this

I don’t really want to share the whole thing today but hopefully it’s enough to say that the journalling tells of the challenges that I know I will face & the things that will be different (I will be doing lots more walking – no doubt much of it in the rain!) but despite this I hope that there will also be lots of fun, some great memories and some proud moments to look forward to!


LOAD214 – Day 22

Today’s challenge was about the photos not needing to match the story, however there was only one thing I could scrap today!



LOAD214 – Day 21

Today the challenge was to do a different size LO.


I did a double 8×8 spread for the “random family weddings” album – with a picture of my Mum as a bridesmaid :) 

I used the turquoise to pick up from the bridesmaid’s dress – the only pic in colour!


(details blurred to maintain privacy)



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